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I’m talking about those “fuew fuew” kind, of cottony material with ruffles that moves about when one walks. Something like the pic but with bigger ruffles:This particular one is dark pink in color. Lalala…I was taking the escalator up to office, like what I do everyday. This little pink thing caught my eye. I was … Continue reading

Express regret ≠ Apologize

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Apologize: an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret In an apology the speaker admits to doing something wrong, and says that he/she feels bad about this. Express regret means one is sorry about what happened but can maintain that what one did was not wrong. For example: … Continue reading


Witness a car accident today. Was eating Zi Cha at a coffee shop by the road side. Suddenly heard a huge bang. Looked up, saw a car stopped at the junction but didn’t really see anything else. (So technically, I did not witness the accident happening.) Everyone stared in that direction, not really sure what … Continue reading

Tell them

Not forgetting that many of the kind souls who contributed their hard earn money are lowly paid, lowly educated or uneducated uncles and aunties. Tell them it’s their fault that they did not do extensive research on NKF and evaluate the company’s financial status before making donations. Tell them they should not get pissed just … Continue reading


It is ridiculous for a charity to keep more than 30 years of reserve!!! WTF!!! What about the charities that don’t even have enough to function right now? Most people only have so much they can afford to give. If the money goes to one charity just to seat there and earn interest, that means … Continue reading

love is responsibility

don’t think one can really separate the two. if you love someone, you’ll feel responsible for them. if you love them but don’t feel responsible for them, you can’t really say u love them. someone asked, what if you feel responsible for them, but may not feel the love, the warmth that comes with it? … Continue reading

the courtesy of asking

one should always have the courtesy of asking when they are trying to make decision for others. even if they already know what the answer might be. if they did not, even if the decision is what the other party would want, he or she still have the right to get pissed.

blog? hmm..

why did i decide to try blogging finally…hmm…maybe simply kiasu. ;p