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Hongkong’s new zoo

Our office cleaning aunty just got back from her Hongkong vacation with her family. Me: “Aunty, 香港好玩吗?” (Aunty, Hongkong fun?) Aunty: “机场那边那个动物园很多人啊! 不知道有什么好玩这么多人!我的孙子吃那个鸡腿 hor,这…么大!有什么好吃! 他们很喜欢啊,一直去那个动物园…” (Airport that zoo ar, a lot of people ar! don’t know why soo many people! My grandson eat that chicken drumstick, soo BIG! Where got nice to eat! They like … Continue reading

Pushing back not enough

Tym has a great article on what to do when people try to push their way into MRT while you are trying to get out: Here are some meaningful comments I extracted from her post: leah said… on a related note, i was on a public bus that day, standing, and a very pregnant … Continue reading