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Thanks to kurt, I had zero office productivity this morning but maximum fun and giggling. 🙂 Love it. Advertisements

My take on Mr. Right

Elvina recently blogs about her take on Mr. Right. Like her friends, I’ve been asking the same question for the longest time: “How do you know if you’ve met Mr. Right?” Recently I realise, maybe…just maybe…I know now. In relationships, everyone is bound to find things that they do not like or maybe even hate … Continue reading

How to hem jeans keeping original hem

Ever altered a pair of jeans and felt like crying because it look nothing like the orginal u liked? Ever had a pair of jeans altered with white hems instead of its original cool dirty yellow thread? Ever wished that there’s a way to sand the altered hem so that they will looked as cool … Continue reading

Beauty and the Geek

this IS awesome! 🙂 Best reality show IMO.