Routine for gassy Ysabel

• Feed on 1 only breast.
This is to make sure she gets both fore milk and hind milk. Fore milk is more acidic, thus will cause more gas in babies.
• Cycle her legs and/or gently tug both her knees to her tummy to help expel gas.
• Lightly press her tummy down towards her groin also helps.
• Change her diaper.
• Swaddle her.
• Carry her and walk around. Give her pacifier if she can’t calm down.
• Put her down to sleep when she has settled down.



One thought on “Routine for gassy Ysabel

  1. Thank you, Helen! This was really beautiful to think about today. Click

    Posted by alvariggs92728 | April 10, 2016, 8:47 am

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