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Routine for gassy Ysabel

• Feed on 1 only breast. This is to make sure she gets both fore milk and hind milk. Fore milk is more acidic, thus will cause more gas in babies. • Cycle her legs and/or gently tug both her knees to her tummy to help expel gas. • Lightly press her tummy down towards … Continue reading

New beginning

Wow…times flies. It was almost 5 years since I last blogged. Actually, I even forgot I had this WordPress account. Now, a new job, a new home and 2 kids later, I’m back. With new perspective and content.

Inbox Zero

Hearing things I already knew has never been so effective. 🙂 Thanks to this, my office inbox currently has 0 mails! *proud* Now to work on my personal inboxes…

Strange visitors

to my room…

Draw your house

Saw this really cute personality test from Adora’s blog. See mine here.  Draw yours here and be my neighbour. ;p  Personality Analysis: Your house tells the world that you ought to be a leader. You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You love your house and family. You are a gifted artist as well. Once you have … Continue reading


hee…just a quick lazy bookmark. ;p iCELL Singnet QMax

Chinese test

Just checking if chinese characters works. ;p 欢迎来到我的部落格。谢谢光临。:)

Design your own Lego set!

Design, buy and build! 🙂 Do it here. Note: The software looks real cool, but it crashed on my several times. 😦 Will try some more.

No more TODAY

I have stopped Straits Times subscription and started boycotting TODAY following this sickening incident. What about you?


Thanks to kurt, I had zero office productivity this morning but maximum fun and giggling. 🙂 Love it.